Monday, January 21, 2013

All about Daisy!

As you probably assumed from photos, Daisy is a petite sweetheart!

She is only about 12 pounds, is estimated to be 6 years old, and has a smooth silver/stone fawn coat that is slightly "smutty" (more black hairs and a blurred face mask).  She can be shy and is extremely submissive.  Her tail is down more than I'd like or am used to with a pug, which is a shame since it has such an adorable loop.  It perks up when anyone comes home/visits, when the harness and leash come out, when it's meal time, and when playing.  Daisy is agile like a cat with mad jumping and climbing skills.  Here she is on the back of the couch.

It must be her long and lean frame.

Maybe that's why she has a bit of a waddle to her walk...oh, I mean sashay.  ;-)  And she frequently army crawls.

I think she does this to scratch her belly.  Daisy suffers from allergies, but luckily they are controlled easily with frequent ear cleanings, a bit of pumpkin in her food, and a Benadryl as needed.

I haven't been able to envision a fun persona for Daisy yet.  I think it's been hard because she is very Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  That dainty face of hers reminds us of a tiny mouse, yet her voice is deep like a gorilla!  When I hear her, specifically when she snores, growls, and sighs/moans in disdain, it always makes me think about the Disney Tarzan movie where Jane sounds it out...GOR-IL-LA!  Yeah, I'm weird like that.  Anyway...  When she barks and yips during playtime, when someone is at the door, or when she is at her most vocal (in the morning yelling at us to get out of bed and feed her), Daisy sounds very raspy like singer Kim Carnes (Bette Davis Eyes)!

I promise I will get more video that better shows off her vocal talents.  So believe it or not, underneath that calm exterior lies a crazy beast!  This reserved girl turns into a very aggressive player - almost psychotic.

Growls and barks, loves attacking toys, playing tug, and biting humans.  If you blow gently on her face she will lick and bite your lips and nose!  She often is in the mood to butt run and have someone chase her.

Daisy insists on sleeping under the covers at night, and so unlike the lady that she is, her underarms get clammy and stinky - almost as if she sweats.

Better not let her know I said that.  It could mean trouble for me.  ;-)  Yes, don't let her fool you, Daisy can be quite the demanding diva...or maybe [hu] man-eater is more appropriate.

She knows how to work her cuteness to have everyone in the room fawning all over her and doing whatever she wants.  She HATES nail trims.  HATES them.  A lot.  It's a miracle that I can get them done.  It reminds me of a game of Twister.  Despite loving walks and picking up scent mail, she HATES the grass - dry or otherwise.

She walks on it like a kid playing that the floor is lava.  I must admit it's hilarious.  And although she squats to pee, Daisy lifts her back right leg at the same time.  She is a silly girl!  Daisy is obsessed with meal times and will beg when Tim and I eat, but (probably because of trust issues) is very finicky when taking treats and, to our dismay, is NOT food motivated (for training purposes). 

Like Donald, poor Daisy has to put up with a list of alternate names and be expected to respond to:
  • Daisy Mae
  • Miss Daisy
  • Daisy-kins
  • Dollop of Daisy
  • Captain Insano
  • Daiz (pronounced like "days")
  • Daisy with her tail up

In addition to those nicknames I should probably add Tiffy.  Daisy reminds me so much of Tiffy that I find myself calling her by the wrong name too often.  I joke to myself that they are sisters from different misters.  It *could* be possible as they are both Texas girls.

Daisy was found on the streets with mange and bad dry eyes.  Luckily for her and us, the selfless folks at PugHearts rescue in Houston saved her.  We think she is a puppy mill or back yard breeder survivor and seems to have had little to no socialization with other dogs and/or a very aggressive, terrifying breeding experience.  We also think it is possible that she was neglected by a lady or that it was a woman running the "kennel" where she was kept.

Most likely as a result of her past, Daisy is uninterested in other dogs and gets nervous when Donald tries to play with her, or even when he is making lots of his noises/growling while playing with Tim or I or a toy.  It breaks our hearts to see her run away from Donald and for him to look at us wondering why.  He will sometimes bark at her in frustration.  Donald isn't the only one ignored.  She doesn't care to pay much attention to me.  It's obvious that she prefers men to women, almost like she thinks they are better protectors and can trust them.  She tends to sulk when Tim is away and stays in her bed for the most part during the day despite my attempts to play or cuddle.

Please leave me alone.
I'm waiting for dad to get home,
and I can't be bothered with anything until then.

But when Tim is home, she lights up.  To say that she is attached to him is a big understatement!  And of course, he just adores her.  

Daisy is daddy's girl.  She will follow him everywhere.  Tim tested her by wandering around the house, even circling the kitchen island and coffee table.  Daisy was there with him every step.  When Tim is home she doesn't mind laying next to Donald or playing with one of us while Donald is occupied.

I don't want to mislead anyone, Daisy is a very happy pug and she loves being doted on!  And we have made some progress on her insecurities.  In the last few weeks, even days, she has been keeping her tail up more often, she has occasionally growled at Donald's advances when she is on her daddy's lap, I (yes ME) got her to wag her tail the other day just by talking to her, and she has been showing interest in cuddling on the couch and playing with me when Tim isn't around.  Daisy was only in foster care for a couple of months before we adopted her so I think she is still warming up to the idea of living a normal life.  We think Daisy will continue to come out of her shell, and I can't wait to share her growth with all of you!



  1. When Miss Scarlet came home, she mainly stuck to me and seemed nervous about men, even Mike. But she has completely grown out of that, I think thanks to Mike's gentle and loving insistence with her. I think its sweet Daisy loves Tim so much.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  2. Hi Daisy!
    Wesa so excited to meets you on the internets!! Yousa so pretty and definently a daddy's girl.

    Wesa think that over time you will warm up to your brother and let your mama loves on you all the times.

    Don't worry about the sweaty pits, wesa all get them...especially when we are super active. Not sweating is not normals!!

    Much Luvums,
    Your new furiends
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

  3. What a tiny and pretty little girl! I personally like the color of smutty pugs. I am sure she will warm up to you, but its kind of sweet that she is a daddys girl. I love the pictures of her and Tim

    urban hounds

  4. Oh, my heart just grew a thousand times today! LOVE to you, sweet girl! I can hardly wait to meet you.

  5. What a pretty little girl! I have a foster sister right now (who isn't a pug). When she first came here she acted like she didn't want anything to do with dogs, I wooed her with my puggy charms though. Now she plays with me and my Boston terrier sister, we sleep together and she gets into trouble more every day. She's been here for a couple months but 2 days ago she did something new again. She barked! That's right, my humans thought maybe her barker wasn't good, she whines once in a while but even when the rest of us dogs are barking it up she just sat and looked cute. I bet Daisy will be a different dog in about 6 months, little by little. Its so sweet that she loves her daddy so much, I was supposed to belong to my daddy, but I am head over heels in love with mommy. Except when daddy works in his shop and turns on the space heater, then I want to be with him. :-P

  6. Hi Daisy
    Welcome to our world of bloggy and friends. We are so happy that you have this most wonderful home! We know it will take you awhile to adjust- just like we all do.
    The important thing is that you are loved , loved, loved.
    I like the photo of your daddy playing his guitar for you!
    You know how to work the camera for sure- little girl!
    You are just precious.

  7. Daily will shake those fears off soon or later.
    I did not go near papa for first 3 mon. Now I play with him, I go gaga over him when he comes home from work. Oh and I got fatter, lol. Glad you are with the Boostroms, they take care of you pretty good. Mama said she wants to adopted by Tim and Christy (lol)

    Wait for the day to meet in fur.



  8. Daisy is so petite and little and such a sweet face! Can't wait to follow her through the months to see her come out of her shell. She is so lucky to have found you and Tim! Our fav picture is her laying on the arm of the couch! Kinda' shows her personality.

    Love and kisses,
    Minnie, Mack and Mario

  9. Awwwww, sweet Daisy :) Even though we fell HARD for Donald, we think Daisy is just ADORABLE too and I know she will soon feel so much safer because she could not be in a more loving home. She is so tiny and precious...just makes everyone here fall in love with her. We LOVE your writing and your blog and look forward to learning lots more about these sweet babies.

  10. That face of Daisy's is just too much - makes me giggle (in a good way) every time. That's funny that Daisy gets armpit BO - I can relate, some of us ladies are just sweathogs. Maybe some Secret is in order - strong enough for a human, but made for a lady pug. Ha ha ha!

  11. What a sweet little darling! It will be so fun watching both Daisy and Donald adjust to the good life in a wonderful loving home. They are soo lucky to been adopted by you and Tim.
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  12. Daisy may be teeny, but she is extra large cute! She was very nice to us when we visited. And the other folks are right, it can take some time before she really relaxes. But it will come. Love conquers all!

  13. So finally Mum gets her butt in gear and gets me over here to introduce myself to Daisy and Donald!!!

    All I can say is that Daisy DOES remind us of Tiffy. We also loves how she is a totally Daddy's girl!!!!!


  14. Hi Christy!

    Bruce, Daisy and I are so happy you have created this
    blog for Donald and Daisy! We love reading all about them.
    Daisy is one sexy gal! She reminds me of Bruce with that arm
    crawl! She is too cute! We can't wait to catch up with what has
    been going on with Donald and Daisy lately.

    -Dana, Daisy & Bruce

  15. Hi Miss Daisy - so nice to meet you! You certainly have an adorable little face. There's a sign of mischief there - that's a good thing. I have that, too. :)

    You're one lucky lady to be in such a loving home. And Donald sounds like a great housemate.

    I hope to one day meet you in the fur and place bitey-face.


  16. LOVE reading about your new puggies!! You are the perfect pawrents to Donald and Daisy:)
    Snuffly Hugs,
    Eddie the Pug

  17. Daisy we love you and that cute face! Us girls still don't play together so no worries there...we are finally snuggle buddies after almost 1 1/2 years. Love your army crawl...too cute!

  18. Daisy is adorable! Hopefully she will learn to love Donald and play with him!

    Love Ellen and the Fab Five
    Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  19. I can't get over her sweet face! Love it! So happy for y'all and can't wait to read more of the Donald and daisy adventures!

  20. Welcom Miss Daisy!
    Awwwww Daisy really is a little sweetheart! I love the photo of her looking at the camera on the arm of the couch, this really shows off her personality, she does indeed look like the cute quiet one but like they say its the quiet ones you need to watch for, especially with her crazy playing! I love that you got her to cuddle and wg her tail, she will warm up to you in no time! I am a Mummys boy and I would rather be with her than Dad but I do wait for him to come home from work, I sit facing the door just like Daisy and will not move until he is home! We are weird little creatures at heart but we have so much love to give! Looking forweard to seeing more of Daisy! Love, Licks and Hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxx