Friday, April 5, 2013

Spa Fridays!

Donald is on a medicated shampoo to keep his skin healthy that requires bathing once a week.  Since Tim and I don't have much of a life, we chose Fridays since we are always home.  ;-)  Spa days aren't fun for Donald so the whole concept of TGIF is kinda lost on him.

Donald begs you to help him!

Mostly Daisy smirks watching Big D, but on the first Fridays of every month, it's her turn in the tub too.  She's not a fan either.

Daisy wonders why we torture her.

So today think of them all wet and soapy...rub a dub dub, two pugs in a tub!  It's supposed to be a nice sunny day (maybe spring is finally here?) so I think we'll go on a walk so the day won't be all bad.  ;-)  Have a great weekend everyone.