Monday, March 18, 2013

Remembering Pugnacious P! (part 3)

Besides being blessed enough to give Payton the best care possible, I am so thankful that we really took advantage of opportunities to have fun with her.  Some of my favorite memories we shared together were during trips to Chicago.

In the photo(s) above, Payton is posing in front of the Water Tower just off Michigan Ave all bundled in her Pug Snuggly coat, matching Chilly Beanie, and MY matching scarf.  I couldn't decide on which effect I liked best so I included them all!

One of our first happy memories in Chicago, and probably a favorite of my husband's, is when we took her to a dog park for the first time.

I think one of our best vacations in Chicago was a blast, and my parents got to join us too making it even more special.  In fact, it was so eventful that there are two posts.

Something else that is very special to me is baking Christmas cookies with my mom.  It was so much fun to share this experience with Payton, and as you can imagine, she enjoyed it too!

It was such a pleasure to share my life with one of the most beautiful spirits I've ever met.



  1. I loved all of Paytons adventures, it was a real privalage to have known her, I used to love seeing her big adventures, even though the little adventures at home were filled with cuteness and love I especially loved her big adventures becuse everyone looked like they were having so much fun!
    I loved the old photos when you were baking Christmas Cookies with your Mom and all of your wonderful vacations in Chicago, so many wonderful sights and such great photos with amazing memeories! Thank you so much for sharing these, it was great to see them again and to remember all of the good times!
    All my love to you and your wonderful Family Christy, Love and Hugs from Frank and Jemma (Mum)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. What wonderful memories of such a special girl. We are so lucky that you have shared her with us

    urban hounds

  3. Such a beautiful post. I almost didn't cry... almost! Thinking of you.


  4. Payton was such a good traveler! Scarlet's very good when we go to the Cape. She seems to know where she's allowed to go in and where she isn't. Well, Daddy helps with that - he prefers NOT to shop, so they hang out outside and she gets oodles of attention.

    Thanks for sharing her adventures with us, we just love seeing them again :)

    Meredith & Scarlet

  5. So sweet.
    I actually love the black and white picture, but color is great too. Love the pink : )


  6. We love all these photos of Angel Payton. We remember she loved to travel and eat- and pose for photos. What good memories to keep in your heart forever. Yes, Payton loved cookies and liked to help. Her little nose told her when something good was about to happen- and especially when she got to help you and your mom make those cookies.
    Thank you again for sharing Angel Payton with us. We like to keep the memories right in front of our eyes.

  7. Oh those pictures are just grand Christy!!!
    stella rose and mags

  8. The scarf picture is one of our favorites of Payton. Supervising the cookie baking -- what a precious memory to share. We love them all!
    Big hugs
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  9. I love seeing the pictures of Payton as a youngster! She appeared to be very well-mannered during the cookie making process, patiently waiting for the delicatasties to be finished.


  10. I love those photos of Payton with the little winter hat on - very cute! I can't wait to check out Wiggly Field and some of those other cool spots that Payton liked once the weather gets a little nicer here. It's still FRIGID outside (and it's supposed to be "Spring" today - yeah right!).


  11. Payton, you live on in our hearts! We so love hearing about your adventures with your wonderful mom and dad. You are so so loved!!! We know you shine all that love right back on Donald and Daisy now too! Love the tryptic of you in the scarfs! (Your very own Warhol!) Love you forever! xoxo~ GR