Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pugnacious Keepsakes!

Late spring of last year, I took the plunge into sorting through Payton's stuff.  It was tough, maybe I started too soon.  I became overwhelmed and had to stop and so I still have much to do.  There are so many great photos, memorable things, and thoughtful keepsakes that deserve a prominent display in our home.  I'd like to share some of these treasures with you.  

But not all of these treasures are tangible objects. There was the Remembering Payton Tour.  In 6 or 7 months, we went to Austin, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, Herndon, St. Louis, Vancouver, Seattle, Molalla, San Francisco, New York City, and Toronto.  There are still wonderful pugs and people in other parts of the country that we didn't get to see, but I can't thank each person and each pug we did meet for all the hospitality and kindness.  Traveling, especially often, can be very stressful, but it helped me at a time when I desperately needed to enjoy something.  I will never forget the experiences, the lunches, the special talks in the car, walks in the forest, the personalized welcome and photos, the pink roses, the distance that some traveled to say hi.  So many memories.  All photos from the Tour are on Face Book.

Another intangible item that helped me was joining Face Book and the Pug Sluts group.  I can't tell them enough how much being able to scroll through those posts at anytime saved me.  I needed a distraction from the pain I was feeling and this group delivered.  It helped me to let time pass and not dwell on sadness all day and night.

Through Face Book, it was fate that I met a woman who had lost two pugs to PDE.  I had been thinking about a tattoo and it turns out she is a very talented artist.

It's a simple piece on my right wrist where I can see it all the time.  It has so much meaning for me and even more special to have had it done by someone who has similar scars.

After Payton passed, I was blown away by all of the love sent our way.  Seriously, all of the thoughts, prayers, blog tribute posts, blog comments, texts, emails, cards, donations in Payton's honor, and other gifts were so touching.  Here's a collage of just a few of them.

A friend helped edit and fix a few photos so I could order the pendants/necklaces in the upper right corner.  I've never been one to wear much jewelry but I do put these on quite often.

Of course, we also have Payton's ashes.  They are in a nice wooden box and the lid is a frame for a photo.  I need to put one in there.  I haven't had the courage to look inside yet, but I know that day will come eventually.

Once I have everything properly framed and displayed I promise to send pictures.  I have lots of shadow boxes to fill up with some of Payton's favorite things and wonderful keepsakes.  I tried to thank everyone last year, but if I missed anyone, please accept my apologies.  And thank you each know who you are.  I am lucky that Payton led me to so many great friends.



  1. Those are great mementos. I like to have portraits of all my pets. I also have a dog tattaoo but it is just five paws around a dog and a heart on my wrist rather then one particular name. Ive never been able to bring home any of my pets ashes, its just not something I can do with any loved one, I also had my fathers ashes interred rather then taking some. I almost feel guilty about not taking hte ashes of the pets Ive lost since so many people do but I realized it just wasnt for me. I think all the memorials you have our perfect and I love the idea of the shadoo boxes.

    urban hounds

  2. Scarlet plays with some of Nicki's toys, which I love. Her ashes are right in the living room ~ I don't think most people know its her, but that's fine. I like having her there, it makes me feel like she's still with us and watching out for us.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  3. It's funny that we live in the same State and we travel to Milwaukee where we finally get to meet for the first time. It was bittersweet ... I was so excited that I was finally going to meet the "famous" Pugnacious P and her mom and dad but God had other plans for Miss Payton.

    Even though I never got to meet her I miss her, too! She will never be forgotten!

    Love, Ellen

  4. LOVE the tattoo! May your memories, trinkets and other things bring a smile to your face each and every day.

  5. I absolutely LOVE the drawing/painting of you, Payton, and Tim!

    I think it is important to keep the tangible trinkets. I have saved all the collars with tags of our dogs. It is a comfort to have a tangible item to look at, touch, or smell. I appreciate how those objects help me to remember and feel connected with that pet. If the house were on fire, it is these trinkets that I would grab first...well, once Rupert and Olivia are safe. :)

  6. I have a catch in my throat. You and Tim are two of the bravest and most special persons I have ever met. I felt your warmth instantly when I spotted the two of you across the green field at Pug Sunday. I hope we have a chance to meet again.
    Love Noodles and her Mommys

  7. Yes, because of Payton, we are now friends : )
    We Hope to come see you and meet D&D in fur- We saw papa mapping out the route from Mpls to St Louis... and checking some golf courses the other day. It is possible, long weekend road trip maybe in the picture.

    Want to see you again, Auntie and Uncle B!

  8. Before Bellatrix I worked in vets and at shelters and I was literally called the "euthanasia girl" because I just didn't care. I was able to be around it, participate in it and assist without a problem. Then I got Bellatrix and it's a whole new ball game. So, while Payton isn't with you in person, she's in your thoughts and actions. You helping spread the word and helping with those fighting their own PDE battles, is a testament to her and her love for you. We may be a small community of pug sluts, but we are louder than the farts they make!!

  9. We have five special boxes that sit on shelves above our bed. There was a time I thought something like that would bother me but it is comforting to know they are home with us. I have told my family when I go, just put them all in with me! You have such wonderful memories and momentos to cherish. The shadow boxes are a great idea!
    Linda, Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  10. What wonderful tributes to an amazing pug and equally amazing 'rents. I feel so lucky to have been able to meet you guys through the pug blogger community. It's helpful to have a network of other people/pugs going through the same stuff with you and sharing those special moments.

    My dad and I are very happy we got to hang out with you guys this weekend. D & D are super lucky to have such caring 'rents.


  11. This post is touching our heart so much- that we do not have words to say-- except the very stars that watch over us- also watch over Angel Payton and all of you.
    You and Tim are precious to our hearts,,, and all we can say is how much you mean to us- and thank you for coming into our life and making a difference,.,,, thank you for love and sharing Payton,, we have no more words.
    twee and moms